Introduction Svelte

Svete is a framework. It has concepts similar to those of React, Vue and Angular but, at the same time, it comes with very important differences. One of the most important differences is that important is that Svelte has a previous compilation step. …

Explanatory graph of methods and variables within classes

Classes in an object-oriented language are the solution that offers this programming paradigm to the concept of Abstract Data Type (ADT) pursued during much of the history of software in order to simplify the programming process and make affordable applications increasingly large and complex. …

Initiation into the object-oriented paradigm.

The programming paradigms are a theory that provides us with a basis and standardized model to solve problems with our code.

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) helps us analyze and understand all these problems to solve them in the most sustainable way in the future. …

Eder Tassin

Full-stack developer in training Twitter: @edertassin

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